Yu-Gi-Oh!Pro is my favourite pc game i like it even i'm not a good player.
however i have some suggestions for the game i hope you agree with me.

1° before stating a duel adding a choice which each player can choose their starting lifepoints including ai mode.
2° change the background and the songs they are a little old now.
3° TAG and handicap duel in offline mode.
4° add a turbo decks to the game in which we can challenge the ai to a turbo duel.
5° add old school decks to the ai ( the new decks are too powerful and sometimes i like playing like the old days no synchro no xyz just standard play and fusion play) yugi and kaiba and pegasus decks are too weak and rediculous edit them so they can make a big challenge specialy yugi's deck so we can duel against the god cards.

I hope you agree with me guys and specialy in 5° it is very important .
waiting for you answers ;
1. You can set the starting life points for BOTH players/4 players (tag duel), but not for each player so no handicaps or anything ;s. It's done where you choose a deck.
2. You can do that yourself.
4. Not sure if possible since anime cards were removed.
5. Best to ask in the AI section maybe? It won't be done too soon though. And they're old school decks, they won't be challenging if you're using anything recent.
I definitely agree with 3 and 5
Anime cards shouldn't have been removed, they should have been limited in where they can be used but not removed. Me and my brother love using anime accurate decks against one another and because people probably cheat online we have to be punished when we don't even play against people we don't know. How is that fair?

Anime cards need to return
You have been able to change how many lifepoints you start with for a long time now. Just check the options you are given when creating a duel, it works in AI mode too.

You can put in your own music (which most people have done), by going to your YGOpro folder, then the sound folder. Just replace the songs you want, by re naming the new songs as the old ones. EG. Lets say you want to add the megaman x5 theme as your main duel theme. You would move it to the sound folder, remove the file called song, then rename the megaman song as song.

There is a text file that explains this in the sound folder but Ill add to here, because I think you might be the type of person that has trouble using their eyes.

You can create your own AI decks, by just choosing a deck you have created as the deck that the opponent plays. Granted, the opponent isn't very goood at using cards that it isn't designed to yet, but Snark is working very hard to make every deck possible working.
You didn't understand what i said :
each player can choose their starting lifepoints for exampleI chose 4000 and my oppenent choses 8000 this is not availabale .
if i create my own decks the ai can't play with them it will just misplay and setting monsters and all i asked for was ai turbo decks and old school decks which the ai can play great with theme.
about the music you think i didn't know how to change to background and the music i asked for a new wallpaper that fit the game my rude friend.
So why did you ask about changing songs then if you are saying you already knew how..? Are you saying you want Percy to make his own music just for this game? because the default songs weren't made by him.. just letting you know.

You can change the background too through a similar method. In the textures folder, there is a picture called "bg", just find a new wallpaper and replace it with that. Or are you going to say you already knew that too and you want Percy to just make a new one. Because he didn't make that one either. The projects forum is filled with graphics and bg overhauls if you are interested.

You are right, I misread what you said about the lifepoints, but your english and grammar is very poor at best, so you cant get pissey at me, that as an English speaking person, I could not read your poor English, that onus is on you not me.

I agree that YGOpro needs some changes, but some of your points are just silly and not a major priority at this point. The AI is getting done, but it is just practically only one person right now doing it, in whatever spare time he has, for the billions of card combos that can be done.
I wanted a nice background and new music that fits the game I searched the net and i didn't find anything good
I'm not good at english that's true and I also don't know why you are attacking me
But I will never post again in this forum if this is how you respond it is a shaim they got a member like you

What do you mean you cant find any good ones. What type of background do you want? Do you want something based on a particular card, character, theme, color?

Complaining about the background and music in this game, is not a valid complaint when you can just add your own in. Are you just looking for ideas on stuff to search for? Just ask. What is it you want to see?

and if you want ideas on good yugioh music to add in, try this: I basically have the different music from this game as each different event/menu. This is because I played a ton of Decade Duels on Xbox, and so it fits perfectly for me, it may not for you, but you haven't provided any info on what you wanted and have been very vague so..