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Hi everyone, I was surprised to find this game, it has been like 1.5 years since konami gave us the last Yugi game, tag force 6, i believe .... I was so glad to find that some ppl were dedictaed enough to make such game possible.
While this is a very awesome attempt and many things were done right, I believe I am a little spoiled with tag force series, here couple of things that may change how the game feels, for the better fo course, with little effort

1- higher qauilty pictures for the cards in full screen mode.
2- the back of the card should look like the real cards.
3- In card edit, there should be multiple layout to show the cards, the cards collection is too extensive to be shown one by one in a vertical order.
4- It would be nice to have some effects when there is a synchro or xyz summon, card destruction ..etc ( this is not that important tho).
5- the name of the cards should be written in a bigger and clearer font, even colored if possible.
6- the level of the card should be written in stead of putting stars.

there are few other suggestions but I believe these are the easiest done for the time being, I will be glad to donate, and I will very soon .... thanks for the great effort, the game is great already.

edit: I have just know how to change the cards sleeves, so dun mind that 🙂
1. People are making Hd versions of cards. 

2. You can change the back of the cards to anything you want by changing the cover picture in the files.

3.What is your idea for this?

4.With the current way the game is made I do not think card effects can be added without a change to everything.

5+6. The cards are made to look the same as real cards.
I dont think you realize this is based off a real card game o.O
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3. Regarding the lay out, I apologize if I phrased it wrongly .. I meant the the interface should show more cards, a big chunk of them .... just like it was in tag force games, I used to scan the whole library when making a deck ... it's much easier to make new decks if you are able to display many cards at once.
4. Well, that's a sham, but it's ok ... I can deal with that.
5. I meant in the space below the card not on the card itself, where the card # is written after the name of the card. The level of the card is also displayed in the form of stars in the description below the card, I think it would be more convenient if it's written in munbers.

P.S the links you provided are down !!!

booyvis2 >>> I don't get ur point ?!!

These links should work. Sorry I copied and pasted from another thread I gave these out in.

3. How would you space it out though? Most of the space is taken up already.

5.This is actually a good idea, it would help out new players when synchro summoning so you don't miss-count the stars. So leave the cards as they are and in the side box where all the information is repeated bigger you could have the stars and perhaps the level/rank written as a number as well.
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In tag force games, the main library is on a different screen, so you can view all the cards ordered as u wish in one screen .... then you can switch to your deck by pressing square .... this may sound awkward but it's actually very helpful because you may catch a card that u never saw before just by scanning the whole library.

Another suggestion is having an option to order the cards based on the booster packs, I personally dropped following the game for a long time, it's overwhelming looking at those 6000 cards .. so looking at the new booster packs that I missed would be much easier ..... especially for newcomers as well.
I am not sure how the coding would be for adding a new screen and doing all that Pericval18 would have to tell you.

As for the second half I am in the middle of compiling a list of all boosters/structure decks and the cards with card I.Ds for that very idea. As Percival18 said he would give it a go but needs that data.
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