Wile trying out a Roid deck [vs AI shadoll/artifact], i set Gyroid, then the AI, with 2 cards [Shadoll Winda and some 2300 atk Synchro] attacked it to reveal it, not destroy it because of Gyroids effect, and from there on it it just wouldn't attack Gyroid, even with a full monster zone with 1000+ monsters. i set other cards and it would destroy them fine, but i just kept Gyroid out in defense and it stalled so much it decked itself and i won by that condition.
Which AI version are you running? The latest experimental version  attempts to fix this issue. But I don't know, if it works 100% yet.
0.8.9 / 0.30
Sorry for late reply, completely forgot about this thread when i stopped having the issue because i changed my main deck
I tried the situation in 0.30b, and the AI now properly attacks and destroys Gyroid. It is not completely aware of the protection effect, but if it has any attacks to spare after taking care of other targets, it will attempt to attack protected cards now. Sometimes this means useless attacks, sometimes it will kill a Gyroid 🙂
good job on getting the fix through man
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