First I'm sorry if these are just problems with my Ygopro only, but these bugs have been continuing for too long that they annoy me greatly. The version I currently have is the most recent one with the Burgesstoma on PC by the way.

The first one is D/D Swirlal Slime cannot Summon D'Arc at all when it should be able to. I've tried many times and the result is still the same, every time I use it I can only summon Ghenghis.

The second is Humid Wind cannot add any Aroma cards at all, every time I flip it up it just stay there and I cannot activate any of its effects. And no there wasn't anything preventing me from adding cards or activate Trap effects.

The third is about the Performage. None of Trick Clown, Hat Tricker or Damage Juggler activates their effects at all (well Damage Juggler did activate its damage negation effect, but I cannot activate its search effect at all).

I hope these will get fixed soon. If they were just my own problems, how could I fix it?