Welcome to the rule thread. If you follow all these rules then you should be able to have a great time here. This list can be updated at any time and may not be a complete list. Just think carefully before you post.

Here are the rules in no particular order:

  • Do not necro post. This is a post in a thread, that is not a sticky thread, where the last post was a month or more in the past. This does not include threads you have made where it is a collection. Example: If a thread you made, where you post your decks, had the last post was a while ago then feel free to post new decks there, but do not just say bump you must add relevant information not just try to shift your post back to the top.

  • Do not post multiple threads on the same subject. This also includes posting the same post across many threads just to get either the moderator's attention or just attention in general.

  • No swearing of any kind. This includes doing this ***** and things such as that. There are plenty of words to pick from, swear words are not needed.

  • Be respectful towards all other members even if they are not to you.

  • Do not write in all caps, be it a thread title or the contents.

  • Do not make post about moderation, this includes post deletion/changes or bans/suspensions. If you wish to discuss a decision involving yourself you can use the PM system.

  • Use English across any and all posts in this forum. You can post in another language as long as there is a complete translation into English contained in the same post.

  • Spammers and bots get immediately banned and threads deleted.

  • Creating multiple accounts is not allowed.

  • Do not send the moderators a PM about card bugs/rulings. We are not your personal help desk. (The exception to this rule is if your thread has not been replied to in a week and you have provided all the required details about the bug. Then you can PM Steeldarkeagel with your thread.)

  • No posts or links to sensitive subjects. Including but not limited to pornography, adult content, gambling, illegal download links to copyrighted software, content that incites hatred or promotes violence against individuals or groups.

  • No posts or links to your own games unless you have spoken to Percival18 or Steeldarkeagel(This includes links to your own YgoPro versions

All members of this forum are expected to follow these rules and report any person breaking these rules so that the moderators can deal with them in a timely manner.
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