Hi everyone,

Deskbot 001 seems to have 2 summoning issues and I think ony may be related to one of the name fields, its named bunborg or something like that. The first issue is you can't pendulum summon him, example I have Deskbot 005 and 006 in my pendulum zones ( pendulum scale 1 and 10, their effect is you can only pendul summon Deskbot monsters) it will let me pendulum any other but not Deskbot 001. The second issue is if I do summon 2 monsters at the same te while Deskbot 001 is in the graveyard, its effect doesn't activate. It should allow you to special summon him from the grave. Thanks in advance!
Scales of 10 and 1 will only allow you to summon monsters with levels from 2-9. Deskbot 001 is Level 1, so cannot be pendulum summoned by these scales.

As for the other issue, are you special summoning 2 machine type monsters? And another note, Deskbot 004's SS effect does not count as SSing 2 monsters at the same time, so 001 can't be summoned by it's own effect there either.

Otherwise, please provide a replay of this happening.
Ah my bad about the pendulum part. But it doesn't work for any simultaneous summoning, like maching duplication. I'll work on the replay,but, why isn't Deskbot 004 count for summoning 2? It does summon 2 at the same time
Deskbot 001:
If 2 or more Machine-Type monsters are Special Summoned at the same time while this card is in your Graveyard (except during the Damage Step): You can Special Summon this card.

004 Special Summons monsters during the Damage Step, so while it is SSing 2 Machine monsters, 001 can't be summoned by its own effect.
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