I like this app but i have a complaint about this app. It's cool that you can make your own Traditional or anime deck but you can't play online against other users with them on the android version. There aren't any options to host anime or Traditional matches in this version. Will the option get added eventually?[:thumdn:]
Ya I have the same problem it would be nice to play traditional and unlimited decks with other online players that wold want to as well is there any chance that there would be an update for this
It would also be nice to make ai decks that I can duel decks that I

It would also be nice to make ai decks that I can duel decks that I

i mean yes you can use all ai decks but you must do it manually
here,you need to go to your file manager and then go to this location ygopro/deck/ai and then copy whatever you want and then paste it to your deck folder.
if there is no ai folder then you must have root phone and a pc and plug in your phone to your pc and open your phone's file and copy the ygopro app apk to your desktop then go open winrar and open the apk and go to assets/ai then copy it and put it on ygopro/deck and thats it btw' you SHOULD NOT DELETE THE YGOPRO APP!

IF YOU HAVE NO PC THEN DOWNLOAD THIS APP:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ru.zdevs.zarchiver
and go open the apk by holding it and open as archive and do all that....
btw in case if you have no apk of the app here it is:http://tiny.cc/ygoapk