I'm just curious on your opinion with this topic
do you want another way of summoning in the next few years,if yes then what could be and how to perform it
run your imaginations wild LOL[:lol:] [:tongue:] [:laugh:] !!!!!
i would like that Element summon that i've caused hype here, and later on i found out it was fake, but here is the concept, its a card like a field spell, its treated as a field spell, but it has its own zone next to field spell zone. logo of the card is attribute of archetype its presenting, so instead of spell logo, it has example: Dark. text isnt spell card, its element card. now to puroise of this summoning is unlimited normal summons for that 1 attribute it supports. also they have their own effects example: Once Per turn; Add 1 Majispecter card from your deck to your hand.

Also monsters in this "new" decks, would have effect where they could summon their selfs from the deck to the field if element card is on the field. example: If you dont control any monsters, and your opponent does and if "Core of Darkness" is in your element zone; You can special this card from your deck.
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Maybe a Destiny Summon? At the start of your turn, if you're under 4K LP, your opp has higher LP and more combined cards in their hand, field and extra deck than you do, you get to special summon 1 monster from your Extra Deck, ignoring the summoning conditions. If you're playing a rank 4 spam deck, it might not do you much good with all the Xyz monsters without effects being summoned without materials. Heck, even at that point, a quasar probably wouldn't get you back into the game.
Or maybe they can make specific borders for monsters that can only be special summoned that way (new of course, not preexisting), and put them in the extra deck. They shouldn't be able to be special summoned at all by effects, not even those that ignore summoning conditions, except through their own summoning conditions (which of course are not effects), which don't have to be the same (preferably only one summon of 1 Destiny monster per duel. They can be stronger as your advantage dwindles further down). Only downside is if you lose the duel before your turn comes around again, it won't matter.