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So i have a youtube channel which i want some of you to check out but i have not done a video in a long time since i am not getting request to post videos so if there are any Beginner-Intermediate players that want to understand a deck better be it because they loose to the deck or cant win with the deck i can help i have a very good understanding of almost every deck in the game and every deck that was hit so hard by the ban list and the era the deck was popular and why it became less popular i can help if you want a video or a typed explanation please leave a message on here in this format

Deck:(insert deck here)
Preference:(insert if you want a video or post here)
Reason:(insert the reason you want to know the information here so i can address it or you can say general and i will say everything i know about the deck)

Help Me Help you

Youtube Channel
Deck: Gem-Knights
Preference: post here
Reason: I've tried building the deck and couldn't ever get it to work.
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Originally Posted by: jimmythebass 

Deck: Gem-Knights
Preference: post here
Reason: I've tried building the deck and couldn't ever get it to work.

Okay so Gem-Knights are a fusion based deck that are similar to Elemental Hero but don't have the speed of heros but have better synergy than the hero decks used now also they don't have as much support

so lets strip down the arch type and make an engine

Gem-Turtle Gives you Gem-Knight Fusion if you choose to run it

Gem-Armadillo is the searcher of the deck he can't be used as a fusion but he is good so suggestions is 2-3 maybe 3 since they don't have a better search card

Gem-Knight Obsidian is an amazing card since he special summons Normal Monsters which adds speed to the deck but you are based on fusion

Gem-Knight Alexandrite is also an amazing card since he cuts your deck from normal monsters which you don't want to draw anyway

so you have your basic monsters for this engine now lets move on to spell/traps

Gem-Knight Fusion is for your basic fusion it comes back to your hand if you use it which if you make your boss monster Prism Aura you can destroy 1 card per turn

Doublet Fusion is the Gem-Knight version of Miracle Fusion and Dark Calling that can be used on your opponents turn

So you need to choose 2 out of the 3 Level 4 normal monsters Gem-Knights give you and choose your boss monsters accordingly

cards that will help the deck will be Gemini Cards if you plan on using the Gemini monsters they have and Gemini have great support and since in the graveyard they are normal monsters you can still use Obsidian but if you choose to go that direction and not use normal monsters instead you loose Alexandrite and access to Rescue Rabbit but you gain access to Gemini Spark, Super Alloy Beast and Black Brutdrago if you want to run a Tuner monster so your engine is

2 of the Gem-Knight (Lvl4 normal or Gemini) monsters

so that's the engine

now lets look at support cards

as i said before Rescue Rabbit can help out if you choose to use normal monsters you can also choose to use Creature Seizure, Silent Doom, Dark Factory, Symbols of Duty, Birthright and Common Charity

if you use Gemini you have access to most of the same card but not Rabbit, Common Charity but you get access to
Supervise, Gemini Spark, Blazewing Butterfly, Woodland Archer, Black Brutdrago and Superalloy Beast

Since the Engine are all Earth Monsters you can use Spritiual Art - Earth and Clear World (since clear world has the least drawback on earth monsters) and since they are also rock Attack the Moon, Catapult Zone, and since you remove from play Release from Stone is a good choice

so after you combined your cards with cards you think will work with the deck you can move on to staples or add a new engine that is below 6 cards (Tour Guide Engine) staples being cards that are used in competitive play and are abused i think you can find a list of staples if you search for it if not then i will post a list of staple cards

and your deck should be done by that time i hope this helped and i hope this will help you understand Gem-Knights better

EDIT:i am so sorry i forgot the most important part

Gem-Knight have the play-style of old Elemental Heros but they have more options in what they summon

some combos are;
Obsidian Gem-Knight Fusion with a Normal/Gemini, Get the monster you used to fusion with
Rabbit get 2 normal monsters XYZ detach 1 Doublet Fusion and get a new monster then you can Return from a Different Dimension
Sanyx equip with supervise kill a monster get a monster to your hand gemini spark pop a card and summon a new monster with supervise and attack again
Summon Lolite activate Catapult Area protect him, Next turn summon him again and get a monster you used for Catapult to your hand if you have Return from A different Dimension you can lead this to an OTK if you have the right cards
then there are some more i just cant think of them because i am not making the deck i am just helping you understand them better
Youtube Channel