So I'm using Message in a Bottle in my Kozmo deck to revive Sliprider, Forerunner and Dark Destroyer. I already have a Sliprider on the field which I tribute summoned. I overlay both Slipriders to XYZ summon Cyber Dragon Nova. I didn't summon anything else the same turn.

Now, I am unable to use Nova to make Cyber Dragon Infinity. There's a clause on Message in a Bottle to prevent all special summons except XYZ summon, I get that. But Infinity clearly says in the card text that it uses Nova to "XYZ Summon" itself. Is this a bug, or is it a ruling that I'm not getting? Help is appreciated.
Works fine for me.

Please provide a replay stating when you could not Xyz Summon Cyber Dragon Infinity. Also please state on which server and game version this occurred.
It's probably something on my end then. Sorry, this can be closed now.

EDIT: I tried to do the same thing and it worked this time. So yeah.