Solice TK and Shark understand me <3
When Dino Rabbit had 6 normal monsters, it was already considere huge because of the lack of consistency. 9 totally kill your deck, you have to ditch 3 normal. The most obvious choice is to ditch the 3 Kabazauls.

Pot of Benevolence ? I guess you added that to be sure you won't have a dead rabbit ? Anyway with 6 monsters, your chances to have a dead rabbit are extremely low.

I can understand why you added Card Destruction or Dark World Dealing but keep in mind that those cards are ALWAYS a -1. If you want to boost consistency, you have to aim for cards like Upstart Goblin. Getting 3 of them should be enough.

Evilswarm Castor is EXTREMELY good. Add one more.

Need a Monster Reborn here that will save your ass for an emergency Ophion or Evolzar most of the time.

Prohibition isn't really good as many meta deck will have easy way around it. Psi-blocker is considered to be way better because of how versatile he can be but he still won't do much this format. If you want more defense, you can decide to main an effect veiler who will do wonder against Dracossac, Big Eye or High priestess.

About the trap line-up, it's way too small. I can understand why you added DNA Surgery for the Evolzars but you start every duel with 6 cards in hand and will have to draw the rest of your deck for the rest of the duel. Do you think you can win if you're in a top-decking situation and draw DNA Surgery ? I don't think so.
About Mind Drain and Soul Drain, they can be lethal against Edragons but completely useless against Prophecy. Spellbook of Fate will shut off your play anytime.
Put them in your side deck and add better traps. Compulsory Evacuation Device is a must for this format. You can get some protection with Forbidden Garment/Forbidden Dress who is much better than Forbidden Lance in this format too.
About your side deck:
Remove Stygian Dirge. This card will just stop your opponent from doing XYZ which means he's gonna get a Blaster ASAP and pop it. It will be useless also if your opponent decide to go for an OTK with his dragons.
In other words, Stygian Dirge is worse than Deck Lockdown because Deck Lockdown slow down the opponent while Stygian Dirge isn't that much of a problem for the opponent.
And what's the use of siding that anyway when you'll most of the time have an Ophion or a Laggia on the field ?

The Huge Revolution is over must have been added because of an incoming Heavy Storm or Dark Hole right ? You got Laggia and traps to deal with that so no need to side it. If you really fear Heavy Storm that much, get Starlight Road instead.

Summon Limit will bring a lot of harm to you considering you need at least 3 summons for an Evolzar or an Ophion. And they can still pop it at anytime with Blaster or MST. Get Droll & Lock Bird for Prophecy instead.

Now for stuff you could add: You can decide to go with Jurrac Guaiba to run over a spellbook magician or a Mecha Phantom Beast token and be able to get an Evolzar next turn.

If you hate Edragons that much, you can side 3 Cyber Dragons and a Chimeratech Fortress Dragon in your extra deck because Dracossac is a machine.
@laserbeam: OMG ROFL sorry I totally missed that xD Yeah, you are right then it could be good, but it would remove all my normals which are very needed.

& thank you very much with your help Metatron! I have already remove DWD for Mallets but i figure now I won't be needing them anymore so I'll change them with Jurracs.

The Extra Deck was only Random stuff I threw in so not a big deal, I fixed it a bit now (Since I never use side, making only single duels...)

This is current:
Your deck looks much better now.
Tell me if you need more tweaks like better consistency or better potential after running your tests.
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