Hi everyone this topic is for my favorite decks i created that need some improvement here one i created i call "Dragon Slayer" here what i am using.

Card List

Monsters: 20

Buster Blader x3

Dark Magician x1

Red-eyes Black Dragon x1

Labradorite dragon x2

Masked Dragon x3

Destruction Sword - Wizard Buster Blade x2

Dread Dragon x3

Companion of the Destruction Swordmaster x3

Destuction Sword - Dragon Buster Blade x2

Spell: 12

Galaxy Cyclone x3

Emblem of the Dragon Destroyer x2

Cards of Consonance x3

Dragon Shine x1

The Claw of Hermos x1

Destruction Swordmaster Fusion x1

Fate of the Destruction Swordmaster x1

Trap: 8

Destruction Sword Flash x2

Destruction Sword Reminiscence x3

Mirror Force x1

D.N.A Surgery x1

Chasing Wing x1

Extra Deck: 15

Dark Paladin x1

Buster Blader the Dragon Destroyer x3

Red-eyes Black Dragon Sword x1

Hot Red Dragon Archfiend Abyss x2

Buster Dragon the Preceptrampler Dragon x3

Red-eyes Flare Metal Dragon x2

Mecha Phantom Beast Dracossack x1

Number 11: Big Eye x1

Ebon Illusion Magician x1

Description of this deck well it has the power to slay dragon [:tongue:] but it has a very slow start sometime [:sad:] this deck has a lot of potential but it need a lot of improvement what kind of cards can i ad that can be use against Dragons any Ideas ????

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