Hi guys this is my first topic, if is no correct area plz can u move this topic...
Personal I have a problem in my game, no reason ( no reason even I was playing it and nothing ... ) stopped working. Here's what happens :
the game opens
loads the servers ( confirming that I am with internet )
It shows me the rooms of each server .
but when I try to get into some comes the message ' connection Has Been Lost ' ' or ''failed to parse server date''.
and if I try to create a host appears the same error.
already I tried to disable the firewall, disable anti -virus , test for compatibility with windows xp sp2 , download the game again, but the problem persists. anyone have any idea what I do , or more someone is with this problem ? ( this happened after the last updated game where several new cards were added and ' fixed some bugs .' ' Please help me .[:cry:]