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Hey all, this is my first actual archetype that isn't just support for archetypes that already exist (I've only posted a Traptrix one a while back, maybe a Melodious one too I forget). It features over 200 My Little Pony monsters at the moment, hopefully you like some of the variety, some are quite useless as others do the same thing but better (the more useless cards are older obviously).

And for those who make custom cards, hopefully there are some cards with unique effects for you to try to make for your own monsters.

Tinyupload Link 

Link to ygohack's video on how to add this to ygopro in spoiler:

I can give the .zip for cardpacker if people prefer that

A few of those "unique" cards I've done:

And like I mentioned in the spoiler with the cards, I have to thank outlaw for kinda being a mentor, without him I would not have gotten good [:tongue:] and MLD for a few of the cards I created (one featured in that spoiler :D).
My little pony My littleee ponyyy[:whist:] [:laugh:] [:tongue:]


Yeaa now ygopro have also Little Pony monsters!![:laugh:] Good work MVPIII!![:thumbu:]
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Oh gosh, the card artworks I used aren't that girly [:tongue:]
Thanks tea [:smile:]

I forgot to mention there's probably a few cards that may not be working at all, namely anything with effects after being flipped face-up, which is probably only 2 monsters and some of the crystal slaves don't work as intended (if abstract is blown up in the pendulum zone it'll ask if you wanna place him in the pendulum zone again. That's supposed to work in the monster zone only and it's quite annoying when you had 1 in the pendulum zone blown up with another abstract and it asks you over and over, luckily it's optional).
Mmm I see!![:smile:] Thanks for your notice!![:smile:] Well as far as these few cards you mentioned are not the reason for ygopro to report for red lines wrong script then is no so bad because these cards actually not follow the effect action 100%[:tongue:] Of course if you figure out a fix then an update is going to help!![:wink:] Anyway continue the amazing work!! I can't wait to see more little and cute pony from you!![:laugh:] [:tongue:]

My little pony My litte pony...[:whist:] [:laugh:] [:blush:]

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You do understand the there's an actual MLP TCG that you could have pulled images from?
Some of these cards aren't that balanced [I.E. Pinkie is she Level 1 but has 2500 DEF?!?]...also it looks like there's going to be more progress in a couple of the sub-archetypes like "MLP Dragon".
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Updated the pack which you can find and download from the following link:

Not had a chance to balance the previous ones, the plan is to change the broken ones to anime and change their ID a bit (probably xxxxxxxx to x1xxxxxx) then remake the same cards with less unfair effects. By less unfair, it of course has to be better than the current crazy existing cards, but of course, there's no need for 1 card with 5 effects xD.

I believe the iflist.conf file is there for you to paste into your ygopro iflist it's just that some of the ids don't seem to register that yes I indeed hit them, they need to be put to 1 or w/e. I'd just delete that file, but those are some of the cards I will be nerfing if you're interested (it's missing some of the newer ones like Birth By Fire which is blatantly op)

Oh, by the by, I'm in a custom card group, and I was wondering if you'd be fine with me importing these cards to that group.

I do have my own client specifically for cards that I can't use with the group, so I can use them whether or not you approve, but I wanted to ask permission before I just up and added these cards to the group.
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Updated. You can get the download from

The changelog since last time if anyone is interested is in the spoiler.

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I'll do a changelog in a bit

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Updated, with characters from season 6 and the comics even [:w00t:]. All the way till S6e8 anyways which airs tomorrow, I didn't feel like waiting to upload this though. You can get the pack at

And here's the changelog, there have been some big changes, notably the double monster-type monsters

hey awesome cards ...and really great update as usual....

some cards have issues though...i know u probably know them already since u normally release some cards with bugs and later on fix them...but just incase you miss is what i know...

pharaoh can special summon itself without the need to tribute if there is no monster to tribute.. can special summon a monster when both players special summon...not just the opponent..

zeb....its kinda wired, it sometimes when it special summons arabus, it blocks it's effect and blocks monster summon to my side of the field...instead of the opponent side...he does works correctly occasionally though...

windigo....when a monster effect is activated from the grave..windigo effect activates, but then blocks his own effect and go in the grave, leaving the monster in the grave to carry out its effect...

harshwhinny....when she attacks in defense position she does not set herself...only if she attacks in attacks position..maybe this is the way you intended it to be?...

trouble does not attach a card after it lets me draw 2 cards... doesn't inflict the damage when the last material is detach

nightmare force of radical....i dont think it allowed me to special summon those two monster, but ill check again..

radical does not let me add a radical card to my hand....

star spider and big boy & runt....i believe you are aware of them already

ok my suggestions time....
it seems that some cards in an out of place in it, and work better in another,

cyborg of the radicals....why not turn him in a guard monster..

the cockatrice....why not turn it into an mlp earth monster...its effect works well for mlp earth synchro stuff...

zebs....could be nice as a creature monster..


are the different attribute of mlp-earth monsters apart from earth attribute are designed to be together?...or are you making them sub types for different decks? the water Gemini...

ok as always i hope you keep up the good work, cant wait to see more from...
Hi can someone plz repost this plz so i can download it thanks[:thumbu:] [:thumbu:] [:thumbu:]
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