One of Yugi's signature cards, Magical Hats still doesn't have an anime version.

Magical Hats
Quickplay Spell
This card is also a continuous spell card.
If you control between 1 and 4 monsters, special summon Silk Hat tokens (dark spellcaster level 1 atk 0 def 0) until you control 4 monsters and equip this card to all monsters you control.
Silk Hat tokens cannot be tributed or used as synchro material and cannot declare an attack.
You take no damage from battles involving a Silk Hat token.
If and attack is declared or an opponent's card effect is activated that targets an equipped monster, or if this card was chained to an attack or opponent's effect that targeted a monster now equipped with this card, that attack or effect now targets a random monster equipped with this card.
If a monster equipped with this card attacks or is attacked it is no longer equipped with this card.
If there no cards other than Silk Hat Tokens equipped to this card or if this card's effect would be negated, destroy this card.
If this card leaves the field destroy all Silk Hat tokens you control.
You can only control one Magical Hats.

Since in the anime monsters hidden under the hats stay in the same battle position the cards should not be turned face down by the effect.

In the anime, Yugi places trap cards inside the empty hats, but those trap cards would have had the same effects if they had been placed in the spell/trap zone.
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