Question, how many people here follow the Yugioh Organization website?

Probably a few of you I'm guessing. Its pretty much the no. 1 place for Yugioh news after all.

Anyone seen the recent article? If so, I think you know where I'm going with this. If not, well I'll make it short. The article - at the end - highlights a deck which utlizes Number 78: Number Archive. The deck looked like it was hilarous to play, so I decided to try it out.

Used the play, summoned 78, activated his effect. Card put on top?

Number 78.

Annoying, but understandable. Next duel, get it out again, activate the effect, what do I get?

Number 78.

I've activated number 78 against the AI multipule times, and I've only two results. I either got my second copy of Number 78, or I got the Number to the left of it. As the AI? It never randomly selects a card. It just goes through the numbers one after the other. And the Extra Deck always arrangements itself when the duel starts in the exact same way.

I know Number 78 isn't the biggest card around, and I don't know how often the AI is updated... but when the AI makes it impossible to test a key component of a deck you want to play?

Then that AI is wrong and needs changing.
This is indeed a problem with the AI selecting a random target out of unknown cards. In some situations, it will always use the first available target, with the list usually being sorted the same way it is sorted in the deck editor.

The latest experimental AI version attempts to fix that issue, though. I do not know, if it works in 100% of cases yet, feel free to test it out and report back.