Hello, everyone i need some help with the YGO Pro and the actual ruling about the quick-play magic card "Hand Destruction".

Me and a friend while we were playing on YGO Pro, he tried to activate after my draw phase his hand destruction, but pro wasn't letting him. We had every condition of its activation fullfilled but nothing was happening except if chain was happening or something.

So here is the question, can it be activated during another players turn without a trigger or a chain in reality, and this is why YGO Pro, doesn't allow it , or can it only be activated by triggering something or in a chain.
Your help is much appreciated thank you.
Q1. I can only activate Mystical Space Typhoon when the game asks for it. How can I force the activation?
Answer: Press and hold 'A' to force activation of cards

In version 1.030.0 V2 and higher you can also hold the left-mouse button. 

If this is not the case please provide replays stating when you tried to activate it but were unable to, also on which server and game version you attempted this on.