Here's the situation:

I had a face up Cloudian Squall  and no other spells/traps on my side of the field. It was my Stand-by Phase. The AI activates its set Twin Twisters  not realizing it says "up to two" and destroys the maximum of two cards

Twin Twisters effect wrote:

Discard 1 card, then target up to 2 Spell/Trap Cards on the field; destroy them.

This is not the first time the AI has put itself at a disadvantage. I mentioned in a previous topic  how the AI chained the effect if its second ABC-Dragon to its first ABC-Dragon when it didn't need to as there was only one card on my field of the field:

Hydrazine wrote:

I summoned Gaia Plate the Earth Giant and the AI had two ABC-Dragons on the field. It activated both of them to destroy Gaia Plate the Earth Giant when it only needed to activate one effect since it was the only card on my side of the field. Therefore, it discarded one more card than it needed to.

Do you happen to have more details on the situation? Usually, the AI should be able to target only one card, if the situation calls for it. However, for some decks and situations, it might decide to target its own card for various reasons, like triggering an Artifact monster or a Hysteric Sign or something.
It was the third turn of the Duel and there wasn't much on the field, that much I remember. In hindsight I should have saved a screenshot, but there wouldn't have been much information in it since the AI had no monsters. Looking through the list of AI decks I have installed, only the following decks contain both Twin Twisters and Solemn Warning:


I will likely do some more investigating of my own and maybe I can let you know which deck it was. In future I think I'll save replays. Or at least I hope to do recordings.