so I have already try this ygopro at different internet cafes and it works just fine but now I am trying to use it at home I cannot log in. I already try re-update and re-installing but it is still says connecting as if there is really happening and I don't think the internet is the problem. Please help me [:wall:] [:wall:] [:wall:]
I also can't seem to login. I register an account, it updates everything but it keeps getting stuck at connecting after I click login.
Same here. I'm stuck at connecting when trying to login. It has been like this for a couple days now. Would really appreciate a moderator's support on this issue. I have tried loading the application as administrator as well as trying to close it and reopen it to try and start the program, I also tried to manually fetch updates and reinstall completely to no avail. Thanks. 
Hi guys,

This is the forum for Ygopro Percy, which doesn't require a login.

What you are using is probably Tdoane. For help with that visit their forum. Of course, you are more than welcome to use our version instead. Thank you.
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