Hi spectralzenith,

I have a Cyberse Link deck of my own and, while it's not so much of an OTK build like yours is, I can give you a few pointers.

First of all, run Blackwing - Gofu the Vague Shadow. Free special summon that gives you two tokens, can be instantly used to make any Link-3 monster. It's pretty much a staple in any Link deck. Scapegoat is also an excellent card, as it gives you four tokens (so instant Firewall), but the thing is you'd have to use it at your opponent's End Phase because you can't Summon/Set in the same turn.

White Elephant's Gift is not very good; you don't run nearly enough Normal monsters for it to be worth it. Maybe try Cynet Backdoor instead (searches a Cyberse monster from your Deck and also deals with spot removal because it's a Quick-Play)? Also I'd take out Launcher Commander... there are better cards like RAM Clouder and Boot Staggered that actually spam like the way you're looking for. Maybe even try out Digitron as well to up your Normal monster count (in which case Unexpected Dai is a card you must run as well!).

It looks like you're playing the OCG banlist (which is different from TCG btw), so you should definitely consider Monster Reborn. The closest equivalent for the TCG would be Soul Charge, which is also really nice to set up a field, but it does cost a lot of Life Points so it depends on whether your build can afford it.

As for your Extra Deck, it looks pretty good, but I'd swap out one Linkuriboh for another Link Spider (especially if you decide on running more Normals), and try to fit Proxy Dragon in there if you can.

Hope this helps!