So here is my Vampire Archetype Deck. Please some advice f.e. thining it out a little.

Monster: 23
  • Vampire Vamp
    Vampire Red Baron
    Vampire Scargelet (2)
    Vampire Grimson
    vampire Freulein (3)
    Zombie Master
    Mezuki (3)
    Goblin Zombie (2)
    Uni Zombie
    Ash Blossom (3)
    Vampire Brood (2)
    Vampire Familiar (2)

Spells: 18
  • Book of Life (3)
    Vampire Desire (3)
    Foolish Burial
    Monster Reborn
    Twin Twister
    Burial from a Different Dimension (2)
    Call of the Mummy
    Vampire Territory (3)
    Zombie World (2)

Traps: 3
  • Vampire Domination (3)

Extra: 15
  • Shiranui Syncs Each of the 3 once
    Vampire Sheridan
    Shark Frotress
    Tornado Dragon
    Borrelsowrd Dragon
    Decode Talker
    Vampire Sucker (2)
    Witchling Apprentice (2)
    Proxy Dragon
    Underclock Talker

Side: 15
  • Electric Virus (2)
    Puppet Plant (2)
    Marionette Mite (2)
    Ghost Ogre (2)
    Droll & Lock Bird (2)
    Loose 1 Turn (2)
    Red Reboot (3)

My surprise Loop was using Zombie Master on field using its effect with Mezuki to revive Zombie Goblin. Used them to Link for Apprentice, using Gobo's effect to get another Mezuki. Use Mezuki in Grave to get Master using its effect with Mezuki to get Gobo back and then another Link to get he last Mezuki. Then repeat.

Greetz Ayties.
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