Ok guys here we will be building the anti-meta deck for the current format. Everybody can & has to contribute so we can figure out a good way of killin' them bastards Drags & Prophes :)

The base idea from Metatron is to focus around closing the ban zone & shutting down deck support.

So I'm still thinking about the main structure & I don't know if Infernities are good or a complete unrelated-to-each-other-cards deck?? :doh

To use:

Mind Drain
Soul Drain
Skill Drain (not in combination with the previous 2 or good-bye)
D&L Bird
Deck Lockdown
Night Beam
Imperial Iron Wall
Depending on how the strategy turns out, we could base the deck on mirroring damage like Magic Cylinders & Co., or Burn (but it looks weird to me since the "Standard" version looks good already alone) or just Beatdown.

So post your Feedback/Help/Suggestions/Whatever.

Thank you :clap
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