Victory Dragon
As its name suggests, Dragon of Victory helps you win the match, regardless of whether it is a game with many matches to determine a winner (Bo3, Bo5, Bo7 ...). The condition is that you have to sacrifice 3 Dragon-type monsters to summon Victory Dragon and use it to attack the opponent's original point to 0.

This is also the only card in the winning card group that is always banned and not illegal. Cards that are against the law are considered to be unusable and only collectable.

True King Lithosagym, the Disaster

This 9-star Dragon card is really strong and can be summoned quickly by destroying two monsters on your hand or on your ring. If the monster is sacrificed to special summon this card, it is Earth attribute, you can look at the opponent's Extra Deck and throw away the three monsters.

If this card is destroyed by the effect, you can summon a Wyrm-type monster that is not a Land attribute from the Graveyard. Each time you can use these effects of True King Lithosagym once. In general, this card can very well disable enemy's ability to Combine, Combine, Link or Synchronize.

El Shaddoll Construct
This card must be summoned by matching at the first time, then if special summons (like revival), you can send a card called Shaddoll prefix from the deck to the Graveyard. In the damage calculation step, if this card fights a specially summoned monster, it can destroy that monster regardless of its lower or higher attack.

If this card is taken down to the Graveyard, you can choose a Shaddoll prefix / trap card at the Graveyard on hand.

The Tyrant Neptune

This 10-star creature can only be summoned by sacrifice (at least 1) with the Prime Minister by the total amount of sacrificed monsters / monsters. It can even turn itself into a sacrificed monster in the Graveyard with the same effect and name. This can be seen as an extremely powerful combination of cards.

Grandsoil the Elemental Lord

This monster card can only be summoned in a special way by having 5 monsters of Land Graveyard attribute. When it is summoned this way, you can revive any other monster to your side in your Graveyard or the enemy's. In return, if it is removed from the ring, you will lose the next turn.

Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy of the End
This Dragon Card has to be specially summoned by throwing away (banish) a monster of Light and Darkness in the Graveyard. In addition, you can sacrifice 1,000 original points to force both players to hand the card down to the Graveyard. For each card the opponent drops into the Graveyard, it will deduct 300 points immediately.