It has been a long time magical hats (anime) didn't have its simplest effects fixed, like removing the opponent's attack requirement when activating it, and the limit of 4 hat tokens instead of ilimited tokens (things that never happened in manga nor anime), such as more complex things such as destroying the tokens after the monster is destroyed...

Now the text has been updated and theres how the card really worked in manga and anime:

https://yugioh.fandom.com/wiki/Magical_Hats_ (anime)
Please use Yugipedia as a reference when using one, since it is better maintained

The way fandom formulated their text have some problems, to mention a few:

It was never mentioned banishing (important term) in the anime/manga, it was also never mentioned that you can special summon the monster from "under the hat" by tributing (important word) it and they use the term "magician" except that if they want to be strict, a correct term would be "spellcaster" since "magician" in the way they used it mean the same archetype used in ArcV anime (and "Dark Magician" monsters are not "Magician" monsters), TCG/OCG wording is something precise, and have really strict meaning
if you want to translate the effect into ocg like term, you need to do it properly and completly, if it is just to put some ocg like words without having fact checking those , it is just a custom wording

random ex, given the wording they used, the last part should not be usable if the other player have Mask of Restrict which would be illogical, it is why using correct words have their importance as those words explain the interaction between different cards/effects

for that kind of ultra RPG cards (Living Arrow would be another exemple) using the official lore for the page is better since DK don't make sense at all OCG wise simply because it is not a "card game" like we understand it, it is closer to a Roleplay battle using cards as a medium

Like that the fandom site text seem a mix-up of Ocg like wording and manga/anime RPG-like wording

But We will still do another check on the magical hat when someone find some free time to do it
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