I'm answering what i can right now:

- Can you provide a replay for Congester, last time it was tested, it worked fine
- for Text/Name/pic stuff, It should be dealed with quickly, thank for the report (mainly the names as it is stuff we don't get to notice easily)
- For time chain, not being on the field have a specific meaning that is clearly explained in the Millenium memory lore " (They cannot attack, cannot use their effects, and cannot be attacked or be targeted by card effects.)" but technically, you still control the monster, it still exist on the field
- For the sacred beast, i noticed myself they updated, but the problem is finding time to do a proper check up on them since there is no source/Reference for the effect provided
Dimension Fusion Destruction is bugged; I can not use the materials that are on the GY.
Okay; sorry, I'm new here. '^^