Okay guys i have spent a tremendous amount of time re creating every single deck from the anime and videogames via the decklists from the Yugioh Wikia. I decided to share it with you guys via dropbox. The better of the decks are in the folder "Champion Decks". Beware most of these decks ignore the ban list as i haven't updated them. You are free to download them, and then modify them to your liking.
To make decks from anime characters and video games Stevemagegod it was a very interesting idea!![:thumbu:] To tell you the truth on the very very past before even discover that ygopro allow to make your own custom cards i was planned to make the all ydk decks from video games like yugioh wc2008-2011 and yugioh tag force 3-6!![:tongue:] Unfortunately no time for this[:doh:] so i was hope if you have more free time to make these decks for us!![:roll:] Anyway continue to make ydk decks from anime characters and video games!![:laugh:]
One more thing: I forgot to mention that in the anime some characters didn't have a full deck of 40+ Cards, so i had to improvise and add in the decks from there Video Game profiles.