My opponent has an Umi and Tornado Wall on the field. On my turn I summon Pleiades and bounce the Umi. The Tornado Wall does not destroy itself and when I try to attack, Tornado Wall stills stops my opponent from receiving damage.

Tornado Wall:

Activate only while "Umi" is on the field. While "Umi" is face-up on the field, you take no Battle Damage from attacking monsters. Destroy this card when "Umi" leaves the field.


I had forgotten to mention that my opponent had Imperial Custom on the field... which answers why Tornado Wall did not destroy itself[:doh:]; however I still should have been able to deal battle damage to my opponent.

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It goes up and down... What else can I say
Tornado wall should have stopped working as soon as Umi left the field.

Thanks for the report.

Hopefully have this fixed for the next update.