I go open up the ygopro, and all I see is this screen that is supposedly offline mode. I don't know what I am doing and I am completely lost can someone help me?
Alright let me walk you through this.

You will see a couple of mods when you open Ygopro.

Single Mode.
Watch Replay.
About. (This is just credit information)
Deck Edit.
Exit. (This closes Ygopro)

Multiplayer is where you can go online or on a local area network to duel other people or your friends. After you've made a deck in the deck constructor (which I'll explain later), you can use that deck of cards to duel other people.

Single Mode is where you can play a puzzle where you have to figure out how you can win in that turn.

Watch replay is where you can watch duels you've had and watch them over. Everytime you finish a duel your given the option to save a replay and there is where you watch them.

Deck constructor is where you make your decks, search for cards, and compare effects.
You will see at the top a setting called Ban List, change that by clicking the arrow tab and you can change the ban list on the cards to whatever is available. If you change it to 2012 9.1 then the normal ban list for Yugioh will be applied but all Anime cards will show up as banned. If it's set to 2012 9.1 TF then it's the normal ban list for Yugioh combined with the custom banlist for Anime cards.

You can see the decks you've made by clicking the tab arrow like you did for the Ban list which is directly underneath that.

Now if you want to delete a deck you simply look for select the deck and hit that Delete button under the decks.

Now to make a deck you hover over to the button that says new search on the far right.
Right above that button you can type in that white space and look for cards by their name or something written in their text.
Then you click new search.
After that look for a card based on what you've searched and either drag and drop it in to the big deck zone to the left or just right-click it for ease.

After you've made a deck of 40 cards at least that follows the banlist you have set, next to the delete button I said earlier you can type in that white space the name of the deck and then click Save as, this will save the deck for future use to play online or on lan.

Now you can go back to Multiplayer after you've made a deck by clicking the exit button under the delete button.
Once your in Multiplayer you will see 2 tabs towards the top, Online and LAN.

Let's stick with Online.
You can change what server you will play on by clicking the tab arrow near "server" from YGOPro USA or YGOPro V5 whichever works for you.

Now under the server list you will see a white box where you can change your nickname, your nickname is what people will see your name as when you duel. Change this to whatever you want.

Now you have the option to either host a room or join one.
To host a room click the gray host button to the far right of the server selector.
Now a pop-up will show up. On Online mode you do not have the option to change the forbidden list which is set to 2012 9.1 always.
You can underneath that change the allowed cards.
OCG= Mainly Asia
TCG= Everywhere else basically
Unspecified=All cards are allowed
Anime=Cards featured from the yugioh anime are allowed/ custom cards you may have in your deck.
For Turbo Duel let me know if you want me to elaborate on this.

The time limit underneath the allowed cards option is how many seconds long per turn you have to make your move during the turn.
On Online Mode you cannot change this so it is set to 180 seconds.

Now your going to have underneath that some checkmark option.
Enable Priority will let a Monster activate it's effect the moment it's summoned even if a trap like Trap Hole activates.

Don't check deck will make it so the system doesn't make sure the deck follows the ban list/ allowed cards settings.
Best if you leave this off if you don't want potential cheaters.

Do not shuffle deck will leave the deck unshuffled towards the start of the duel.
Again recommended if you left this off.

Underneath those options are even more options.
Starting Lp (Default 8000)= How many life points both players will start the duel with, you can change this as high as 40000 I believe or as low as 1.

Starting Hand= How many cards both players will draw at the start of the duel, the maximum you can put this is as many cards in yours and your opponent's deck, definite maximum is 60 since thats the most a deck can have.

Cards per draw= The amount of cards both players normally draw per their draw phase.

Host name can be left as blank.

Now click the big OK button at the bottom of that popup and wait for someone else to join the room.
You will be on top and your opponent at the bottom.
Checkmark the white box to the right of your name near the duel settings to signify your ready to duel.
Additionally if you want to change what deck you use in this duel select it in the tab arrow underneathish where your opponent's name will be. When all players are ready hit start and the duel will commence.

To join a room go to the Multiplayer room and then click refresh underneath the great white graph and above where it says "Join/create room" and their white boxes all towards the bottom.

then click on a room currently being hosted and click "Join" in the bottom right.

Checkmark your name like last time and your done.


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Thank you Jack, but that doesn't really help me log in to the server which rated and unrated is played (at least what my friends showed me), it is good to see all this info but not what I am looking for. I'm looking for how I put in my username and password and my log in screen puts me in the system. Can you help me with that?
My friend said something about DevPro if that means anything to you, does that help explain my situation?
Oh I understand, I thought you were just on Ygopro, Devpro is a different story.

Click on the button that says Register next to the offline button.
then type in your desired username that people will see you as.
then your password, then in the next box your password one more time.
You should get a popup telling you the registration is complete.

After that change whatever server you want to join.
And login with the information you registered with.

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