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"Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth's" Special Summoning Condition is that it can be Special Summoned on the 6th controller's turn after "Petit Moth" was Equipped with "Cocoon of Evolution". From what I understand, that 6th turn is the only turn "Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth" can be Special Summoned. However, in YGOPro, it can be Special Summoned even after that turn.
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Ocg effect:
Can not be Normal Summoned this card.
"Cocoon of evolution" is equipped with six or more turns have passed by counting in his turn
It is possible to Special Summon when you release "Puchimosu" one body.
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According to the latest text (BEGINNERS EDITION 2 [7th ver.]), you can SS "PU Great Moth" with "Cocoon of Evolution" on and after the 6th of your turns.
OCG Wiki wrote:


Makes you wonder if any possible future TCG release will errata that. I mean nobody ever uses it normally.
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If we are at it, technically, the text doesn't say that the "Cocoon of Evolution" has to be still there when you Special Summon "PU Greath moth". Can it be that I equipped "Petit Moth" with "Cocoon of Evolution", it got removed from the field, but 6 turns after I equipped, I can Special Summon "PU Great Moth"?

Edit: Now that I read it, using Present Perfect implifies that it has to be there.