Hello, guys!

I am quite new here but i encountered a really annoying problem with my game records:

Everytime my enemy decides to quit the game (ragequit or d/c) it counts as a loss for me. My statistics look like this right now:


I almost never leave a game, my guess was that the statistics somehow got reversed, the 8 leaves might be from tag teams where my partner left and some of my d/cs but no, I tried to play solo today and left in the middle of the match to check how the statistics might change - I just got a loss more.

Well, now my request is: Please help me to get wins when my enemy leaves. I don't want to get a loss only because my opponent is a sucker and leaves instead of surrendering. It looks like I am a big rager already according to my statistics and I don't want to get punished cause other people leave the game.

Thanks in advance
You may want to go to DevPro to complain to them about this.

This forum is for YgoPro Percy not DevPro.
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