I know I'm sounding like a sore loser here, but hear me out. When I first started playing i was old school never introduced to Xyz or Synchro, i thought cool this will be awesome. I went up against Xyz and saw how easy it was to summon them. It was very annoying turns take up about most of the time and they win there first time. It wasn't until later that i noticed they were all pre-made not custom. So all i ask is to let people create there own and not rely on the deck of others. Judge as you may i know of many people out there who think the same way.
Are you talking about the in-game A.I. Decks? They are in the game for the A.I. to use if we did not have them the A.I. would have to use your decks and it is not programmed to use every single card in every situation.
No I mean when theres an update there's the update card list and then sometimes there's a pre made deck we can use such as the exodus deck stuff like that.
The only non-A.I. pre-made deck that comes with YgoPro, not including the updated card decks, is the Starter Deck 2013 this deck is not Tcg legal any more and is a not even a very good deck.
I think he means people use decks they find online?? In my opinion most of them arent very good, and the ones that are arent for everyone since those decks are made tailored to their taste. It much better to build your own deck and learn about cards as you do, this way you also have a more indepth understanding of your deck. However not everyone is good at that, if thats the case find cards and combos you like, then find a deck you like you online and modify to have cards and combos you like. You cant really ask people not to use decks you think are strong lol. I myself like using a new deck every duel 😛, I spent yesterday dueling people with a old dark paladin deck (dark magician and busterblader fusion deck with dragon graveyard power). It obviously isnt very good vs competitive synchro and xyz decks but its fun (though most of the time I find myself waiting to draw a poly or a someway to summon a buster blader to poly.) If I can win duels with a deck like that you should be able to win duels with just about any of the older deck types. Step out of you comfort zone and try making different decks based off of different concepts. If you dont know where to start, try making a crane crane, lightsworn chaos, con-stellar, cloudian, or maldoche deck (the highest ranked person on the ygopro server is a maldoche player i believe :o), etc. (I attached my awful dark paladin deck btw if you feel like screwing around, still a work in progress, ive revised this like a millions times in attempt to make it viable for competitive play lol)

UPDATE: I revised the dark paladin deck lul. Also added a crane crane deck to help you get started if you didnt know where to start. The crane crane deck I took from here Goku's Crane Crane Deck , but mines been modified a little (or alot) according to ban list and what I felt like needed balancing after testing, but the dark paladin deck was made from scratch but the concept was from a deck I used to run 5-9 years ago lol (I dont remember D:).
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