Infinity Overlord
I have recently tested some of the new cards that came out in the new update and I have come across a few issues,some of which have already been noted by others on the forum.Here are my finding: (I appologize for the lack of replays,but I've only had the chance to test them out against the AI).

1.Number C107: Neo Galaxy-Eyes Tachyon Dragon - it can use its multiple attack effect without Number 107 and after it has destroyed a monster it can attack directly (I assumed this effect was similar to Chimeratech Overdragon,which can attack multiple monsters,but can't attack directly if there's nothing left).Also,its first effect to negate everything on the field can be activatd multiple times,despite the "Once per turn..." clause.

2.Pilgrim Reaper - this has been noted by another person,no detaching of Xyz materials for the use of the effect.

3.Numbers 13 and 31 - Even when one of the two is out of Xyz Materials,it still retains its destruction immunity effect.

4.Hazy Flame Hydra - lets me attach any card in my Graveyard to the newly summoned Xyz monster,while it should only attach a Hazy Flame monster to it.

5.Galaxy Mirror Sage - already noted,lets the summoned monster be flip summoned on the turn it's Special Summoned.

6. Bujinki Amaterasu - her second effect that activates during the opponent's turn cannot be activated,even when using the A key to force activate cards.