I met some bugs while i was playing and there are them:

1-Well I was playing against Ai and it summoned brionac so I used snatch steal (in my turn) and then it used snatch steal against me but then it kept using brionac's skill (that you discard a card or more and return one card on the field to its owner hand) but it used it on its snatch steal (so it kept returning snatch steal to its hand then using it again then using brionac's skill again and agian until its hand became empty)

2-the ai kept using srap iron scarecrow on the first monster I attack with even if it was the weakest.

please fix these bugs,I really like the game and hope android version be realesed soon.
sorry if I am bad in writing iam new

Sorry that I reposted it as I accidentally wrote it in another section.
these aren't bugs, but misplays

i think the available resoruces for making the AI aren't sufficient to make an AI that plays any deck competently
Those 2 cards are not scripted yet, so they will be used whenever possible.