During my opponent's turn I had special summoned Artifact Aegis using the effect of Nova Summoner which should have allowed Aegis' effect to be active for the remainder of the turn. However when I later special summoned Artifact Caduceus and Artifact Beagalltach as part of a chain, my opponent activated torrential tribute which somehow managed to destroy both Beagalltach and Caduceus but NOT Aegis. Aegis should have protected all artifact monsters and not just itself as it had been spec summoned earlier in my opponent's turn. This is obviously a bug in the programming of Artifact Aegis' effect.

I have attached the replay of the incident to this post. The replay ends shortly after the bug as I had realized what happened and quit the duel. The bug can be seen on turn 3 of the replay, during the end phase.
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i first thought that this effect applies to artifact you CURRENTLY control. I checked the rulling.

"During the turn in which the "If this card is Special Summoned during your opponent's turn: Until the end of this turn, "Artifact" monsters you control cannot be targeted by, or be destroyed by, card effects." effect is applied, it is applied to all face-up "Artifact" monsters you control. (It is also applied to "Artifact" monsters that appear on your side of the field after the effect resolves, but it is not applied to "Artifact" monsters that are face-down or that are treated as Equip Cards.)"

I guess there were some coding issues.
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artifact monster that are special summoned after Aegis effect, is not affected by Aegis effect.
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Thanks for the report.

This has been noted and will be fixed.