Hi there! I hope i am first who is saying this. my school i cant play in online through the wifi. In that case i am playing with AI. Well i think that would be great if you would can change the bot skill, choose diffirent decks(own builded decks) and let AI play witb them.

Well there would be great to play with friends in online or lan. And some connection to pc's ygopro, example: playing in lan, import and export decks. Well...i think these things would be awsome in ygopro's android version.

Many thanks for the app. 🙂 :)
it is great! :))
Thank you for your suggestion alvinsr! Being able to choose user made decks for the AI has been requested before, but it's still good to hear from other users so that we know the feature is something people are actually interested in!

As far as being able to do LAN play, I think this would be a great feature as well. There could be times where I could be in a situation where me and my friend both have our tablets with us but no Wi-Fi connection, so it would be great to be able to use Wi-Fi Direct or something similar to be able to play against each other!

About being able to choose who to play with when you go online (AKA your friends), I'm sure that's coming! It's been requested by other people before and I myself have told Percival that implementing the Play Game Services API should take care of that.

About importing and exporting decks, you can do this right now! Just copy over your .ydk files from your PC to your phone's storage. You should see a folder called "ygopro" on your phone's storage and then another folder called "deck" inside of that one. Paste them in there.
For lan play i think the "hot spot" option in android devices would work. Yeey...i hope i will be able to play with AI(crystal beast) vs me(crystal beast) :D
And thanks for advice, i already copied my decks in android and all works as good as diamond! :D
Tanks. 🙂 have a good night! 😃
Is there going to be custom sleeves and background cuz I was wondering
Fear the cat
Blaze the cat that is
More AI decks will be added soon. And yes you will be able to use your own sleeves and backgrounds!
It would be awesome if you implemented the Play Games trophies for summoning certain cards and doing a certain amount of damage to opponent like they do in the Tag Force series and the NDS games
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