Hi guys... well´i´m not an active user but well... this idea comes to me during a tag duel... and somethimes, with new cards and in this mode, you need to read the effect of that new card to know how do that. and some effects are so long ,-,. in some results, your party member drops the game because he doesnt want to wait (normal impatience) and its impossible to play tag if you don´t play with a friend.

obviously, this can help in single/ match mode.

well... Goodbye!
Lex Talionis
just because you can read a card, doesn't mean you can understand its effect the first time, also it takes maybe 2-3 seconds to read a card, but reading it aloud could take up to 20 seconds, so you just waste more time

also you do not comprehend the scale of such a project (recording lines,consistency and the 'bit size of that entire operation)
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