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There are cards like MST, which I think always make the game to ask you during the EP (or any phase really) if you want to activate them. But then there are some, and some even important like CotH, which seem to don't. It's not a problem that occurs only during the EP, but mostly then. The second most common similar situation would probably be after the summon of a monster that doesn't start a chain. Even though you can activate some cards, it won't let you, if you haven't pressed the a button fast enough enough.

Of course someone will say "just hold a", but it's not only annoying, but you can also forget and then you feel massively messed up.

Basically, what I am suggesting is maybe for the community to start making a list of important cards, so we can increase the number of cards for which it always asks, OR at least make it so that during the EP (maybe other situations too) it's mandatory for the game to ask you if you want to activate something.
just hold A man. It the only manual aspect of ygopro. The sooner you learn to use it, the less annoying it become.
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