Hi, i want to show you my Blue-eyes deck, which i'm going to use in a locals . I hope you can give me your opinions about it and all advices will be received.

Main deck(40):


x3 Blue-eyes White Dragon.
x3 Maiden with the Eyes of Blue.
x2 White stone of legend.
x2 Parsec, the interstellar dragon. -> A good way to make rank 8 faster, can be summoned by shining angel and used for synchros. Is good if you vs Winda because if you get a Blue-eyes with Silver's cry in the enemy´s turn, you can summon this card like a normal summon, to get a rank 8 xyz monster.
x2 Shining angel. -> Good to get maiden, Parsec and make combos.
x2 Bright star dragon. -> To target's maiden, get Blue-eyes and make powerfull synchros.
x1 Flamvell guard. -> I use it insead of the 3º White Stone because is a normal monster and it can be summoned by Silver's Cry and Azure-eyes, is a good way to make Flamvell+Bright Star to clear with Black Rose Dragon.
x1 Galaxy Serpent.
x1 Honest.


x3 Trade-in.
x3 Cards of consonance.
x2 Silver's cry.
x1 Soul charge.
x2 Forbidden lance.
x1 Book of moon.
x2 Forbidden chalice.
x2 MST.


x2 Dimen. Prison.
x2 Fiendish chain.
x1 Solemn warning.
x1 Compulsory.

Extra deck:

x1 Armades, keeper of boundaries. -> Best lvl 5 synchro in the game, pretty good vs shaddols.
x1 Catastor, ally of justice.
x1 Ancient sacred wyvern.
x1 Black rose dragon.
x1 Scrap dragon. -> Good for destroying enemy's backrow.
x2 Azure-eyes silver dragon.->In a very very rare situation i've needed the 3º azure-eyes dragon so i think we can leave that position for something else.
x1 Giganticastle. -> Is good because we can't use Parsec to summon Azure-eyes.
x1 Leo, the keeper of the sacred tree.
x1 Star eater.
x1 Castel, the skyblaster musketeer.
x1 Exciton knight.
x1 Felgrand.
x1 Thunder end dragon.
x1 Hieratic sun dragon overlord of Heliopolis.-> Good way to destroy annoying cards.

Side deck:

x2 Jackfrost Ghostrick. -> A good option to prevent OTK's and prevent effects.
x1 Thunder king Rai-Oh. -> Anti-meta always good xd.
x2 Flying "C". -> The best way to stop XYZ combos.
x1 MST. -> For getting the annoying Vanity's Emptiness, we need the 3º MST.
x2 Shadow-imprisoning mirror. -> Vs dark decks the best card we can side.
x1 Raigeki.
x1 Mind Control. -> Good vs decks like shaddols and Yang zing, because they have monsters we can use in our favor to get synchros and xyz.
x2 Skill drain. -> Good vs shaddols and Lightsworn, we just get Blue-eyes and make the game.
x3 Royal decree.