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Hi. Always thank you for developing these nice games for us. I am translater, who translated Ygopro - For android into korean before. Recently, You developed Ygopro - For ios. I'm so glad to play Ygopro With my I Phone 5. However, I tried to translate Ygopro - For ios into Korean like once I've done before. But, this time was not like before. All the words are broken, and I failed this time. So I'm asking help to solve this problem. I'll wate for your answer. Thank You.

PS. My English skill is not so good, so this message would be hard to understand. I'm so sorry of this

PS.I can t found ios support forum
hi, i managed to translate into Chinese and it did work(though there are some bugs). i just substituted cards.cdb and strings.conf with Chinese version after the installation. u can find them in /Ygopro.app/media. also u can try not substituting strings.conf and there may be less bugs.
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