Hello, I am TheGogogaga
I am an avid player in both Europe and USA servers.

I've come across some amazing people, both using awesome decks, combos, and just really freakin cool to hang out with.

My first suggestion is to come up with a friend option. I've noticed within the game after the duel ends, it asks if you want to replay it. After that option is answered, a second option can be added, showing the name of the duelists who dueled in that game, and if it was a tag team, whoever was on your side of the team at that time and the opposing team. An option next to each player could pop up, and say "request friend" or something like that. Once clicked on, the person receives the message, in a new section of the main menu called "friend requests".
Here, the person can click and see if they have received any friend requests. Also, if a person starts trolling or bothering, the person can choose to either add the person as a friend, or to decline or to decline and never receive a friend request from the person again.

this is the beta I was thinking for now, later on in the future, I was thinking once this is implemented, we could also have in that "friend request" section of the main menu, a button which shows which of your friends are online, so you could chat with them and start some matches, wether it be private or working together in a tag team.

My second suggestion is, make the AI smart!!! Add more moves! lol
I know it's being done in the process, so it's more of a kind reminder, lol
I also noticed the recent programming part for the AI was downloadable so I will try it out

Please comment on this and tell me what you think! Programmers and friends alike
Until next time, when you find me online
Sincerely, TheGogogaga
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