Hello, just in case that bug has to be fixed in a way different than the previous similar ones, i am reporting it here: Using a Galaxy Deck against the AI, i xyz summon Number 62 mostly using Galaxy Knight and especially Galaxy-eyes photon dragon. I use galaxy knight as a material, and the next turn, Prime Photon Dragon is destroyed by an opponent cards effect (and usually sent to the graveyard as a result). I am given the choice to activate Prime Photon's summon effect, which will fully resolve in two turns or so, and i do. Thing is, during each standby phase after this, i am forced to "activate" Prime Dragon's effect from where it is (in most cases, the graveyard), and when my turn finally comes and i have to do this, after that immediately, the game crashes, similar to gold sarcophagus and paradox fusion bug. Thanks for fixing this in the next update, good luck.
Works fine for me, no crashing

What version of the game are you running? What are the exact steps you use to get this bug?

Please note: The extra clicks are only there if you have Auto Chain order turned off, and they need to be there so that all cards work as they should.
Replying to Steeldarkeafgel: well, first of, about the exact steps: In AI mode, to get the desired situation faster, i made both me and the AI (Using gadgets) start the game without shuffling our decks, the AI went first and xyz summoned Mecha phantom beast dracosack using 2 machina fortresses, and summoned 2 tokens. My turn, i use galaxy soldier's effect so special summon itself (discarding Galaxy eyes photon dragon), and search galaxy knight. I summon it, resummon my dragon, and overlay the w to summon number 62, who destroys by battle one token (no detached material in this case) then end my turn. Opponent's turn, the AI summons two more tokens, and tributes one to destroy Number 62. At this moment, i am given the option to activate its effect, while it is in the grave. The AI ends its turn, and my turn begins, i draw. Now, in the standby phase, when the message "activate the effect" usually appears, if i clicked the box "auto chain order", the game immediately crashes. Finally,, about what version of the game am i running, it would seem it is ygopro-1.032.0-Percy-full. Is there anything more you need to know? Thx for your time.
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about what version of the game am i running, it would seem it is ygopro-1.032.0-Percy-full. Is there anything more you need to know? Thx for your time.

The current YgoPro version is YGOPRO 1.033.3 Percy.

Please download the newest version or update your current version.
To Steeldarkeagel: Ok then, got it, but simple question: how do i update it (without downloading it again)? I thought you had to wait for it to auto-update itself at specific times.
2015-02-23T23:02:53Z  to download the update for the program, and after extracting it, fused it all with a copy of the old version (the proprieties show it is now the new version), but it seems that the same bug is still occurring. Any ideas on what to do?