hello guys!
I would have some suggestions for the game, I hope that they are well received because of some things I find myself in trouble!
1) Would You like us in this project menu options that allow you to select the whole screen, the settings of the music and the difficulty of the game and the velcità!
2) If you could post a tutorial on some cards because I have difficulties on the SYNCRO and the cards XYZ
3) Would You like to me there an insertion of a personal avatar a figure, object, something that represents both AI and the player.
Would You like us and to the mode of construction of the deck one chooser to browse the cards in accordance with the collection or starter decks that have come out in years!
Thank you for listening is hoped that something could be done also to simplify, and can be Italian.
a tutorial seems hard to implement but i think it would nice for the newer players trying to get into yugioh.