Well its a while since the inzektor got some nerfs but i'm now again starting to rebuild the inzektor deck. But what to add, right now I have to few monstercards to run so it means i have to build a new core. I really don't know what to add or what to remove. My old inzektor deck run a lot of traps but this deck run to much traps. I don't like reckless greed for example.

So can someone help me with the deck. I'm not really interested in the inzektor OTK where you need so much search cards but more to play just for fun. Quick XYZ summoning or power up my inzektors the hole time.
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The only time I used a Inzektor deck was because I saw this vid on yt :

With Dragonfly and Hornet limited you can try putting in cards like the Hands or Traptirx (Myrmelo is also Insect) to fill in for them. With Myrmelo you might as well change some Traps ( like Reckless since said you don't like it) for Trap Hole cards for some anti-meta play.
Otherwise try Armeggedon Knight to dump or Hornet or other Inzektor Cards you might want in grave. Other Cards I have seen people used are Transmodify and Insect Imitation (both are basically the same).
Gaget/inzektor seems nice. But I really want a pure insect deck. However Traptrix also seems cool to add. Maybe other insect types ?
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