It's been a while since i play this, but there's a lot of people that can use TCG Banned cards using the TCG/OCG ban lists (wich i assume this rules use both Banlist, making sure you can't use any Anime/TCG/OCG on the ban list), even tho, i am matched against people using either Heavy Storm, Pot of Avarice, even Monster Reborn...

any idea? i was like "am i this dumb to enter an OCG duel without noticing?". then i check the guy's room, and says "TCG/OCG".

Sometimes i win, but i don't really enjoy the other person using heavystorm on my backrow without taking the in count the possibility for the guy of using banned cards.
Make sure you check all duel room settings before ticking that box to say you are ready to duel.

The Forbidden List is what governs what is banned. Tcg/Ocg is in the allowed cards sections and governs if you can use exclusive cards from Tcg/Ocg.

Also some people like to play with "Don't Check Deck" turned on which means that they can play with Tcg/Ocg and Anime cards and any number of them.