Hey, everyone!

I know, I have not been here since long, so lets change that! [:w00t:]

So, since a while, I have been wanting to duel a friend of mine in this software. But I can across more problems than a horde of dragons versus a Mirror Force...

- The Github versions I found and compiled...did only support LAN Mode.
- The other distributions (DevPro, for example) didnt compile at all, as they were using Windows related functions (
_wremove(const wchar_t* name)
, for example).
- Other distributions were simply closed-source. [:wall:]

BUT I DID NOT GIVE UP. And ...well, I was dueling the last five hours! 🙂 I want to share HOW I did it, and also WHAT I made. I may provide some technical information if you want, but let's stop with the weird dev-talk... :3

However, I should mention what I am running on myself, at the moment:

- MacBook Pro, 17"
- Intel Core i7, dual core
- Mac OS X 10.9.2

### Table of content
1. Creating your own OS X Wineskin wrapper, with content.
2. Getting my prepared port and version.

-- 1. Creating your own.

Its very easy. All you really need is:
* The full version of YGOPro Percy.
http://wineskin.urgesoft...index.php?page=Downloads  )
* Some time. :)

Let's do this - its very easy. Although there are some steps, dont fear them! I am just trying to explain this as best as I, as a developer, can. ^^;

1. Download and install Wineskin Winery - link is above.
2. Download your YGOPro Percy version (Use mirror 2 or 3).
3. Open Wineskin Winery:
* Install the latest wrapper.
* Open "Install Engine" and install WS9Wine1.5.16. Its IMPORTANT that you choose this!
4. Create a new, blank wrapper. It will ask you to install a "Mono package" and a "Gecko package"...hit yes on both.
5. Now you may be presented with options and a browse button in the top right corner. Quit it - via CMD+Q or via the menu entry - and you should be presented with a dialog field, that offers you to show the new wrapper in Finder. Do that!
6. Right-click on the new wrapper that you see, that you hopefuly named with something meaningful, and choose "Show package contents".
7. Double-click on drive_c, then on "Program files". In there goes the YGOPro Percy version you downloaded.
* Open a new Finder Window (CMD+N or menu).
* Navigate to Downloads, or wherever you put the download.
* Extract the RAR file.
* Depending on your extraction program, you now have a folder, containing subfolders like skin, texture and such. This very folder is what you now move into the other window, which should still display the contents of Program Files.
! Hint: I recommend you to change the folder name to something shorter. I choose: YGOPro
8. Navigate back, untill you are presented with the folders Contents, drive_c and an app called Wineskin. If you have closed the Wineskin app previously, then open the Wineskin app that you see.
9. In the first field, you are asked to select the executable. Right of the field, is a browse button. Click it, and locate Program Files -> YGOPro -> ygopro_vs.exe. Hit "OK" or "Open".
10. Leave Wineskin open, and go into your YGOPro folder, and right-click system.conf and open it with TextEdit. The settings "use_d3d" and "use_skin" must both have a 1 at the line end.
11. In the Wineskin window, hit "Test Run", lean back and wait. Not just does it take a while to open, but it also needs a bit more time at first to initialize everything. So just be patient. At some point, a window should pop up, and you can do whatever you want; Multiplayer, AI duel, Deck edit!

-- 2. Get my version.  :)

I hope you like this little introduction. And hopefully I can make a real OS X distribution at some point! :D

For the time being, LETS DUEL...and have a nice day.

Kind regards, Ingwie.
Dev: PHP, JS, C/++, ObjC/++, CSS, HTML
Favorite Decks: CounterDragon, Agent, Lightsworn, Hieratic
Current: "Hieratic: Pressure"