Hi idk if anyone will see this or if this is the right place to post, but for the Mac, it is very frustrating that i can not see cards effects if they are to long, it gets cut off and i have to do a quick google search and race the clock, very frustrating.

y cant they add a scroll feature like there is in the chat log tab etc.

and its not a rare case, any card with say more then 2 sentences or 3 i cant read past that. its unfair for me, like they are cheating and i cant find out why! (and yes i have the window blown up to maximum size, doesnt make a difference)

Please add a scroll feature to monster descriptions/effects!

also shouldnt roll out Updates for windows before Mac, that is even MORE unfair that i cant even SEE the card it is just blank!

and i have to ask my opponents what it is and what it does, lost numerous times bc of this and loosing rank, bc they get to cheat me, VERY UNFAIR.