Pleaz Help Me i want new galaxy eyes deck
just create a deck, and search Galaxy or Photon put them all and try it.
if you dont know what to add to complete 40 cards , just add some staples :
- dark hole
- mystical space typhoon x3
- torrential tribute
- compulsory evacuation device
- bottomless traphole
- solemn warning

and new staples (abused cards) :
- soul charge
- supply unit
Ninja from NinjaUgal its not a occupation neither a job. It is a name. just call me Ugal. ok?
Skype : NinjaUgal HeriLeopold
try this you can change cards
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Michael Lawrence Dee
Here, take my Photon Deck and get ideas from it: 
My Lion Heart Deck is also posted there.
Now this is how I play: