The question is, is the chat log stored somewhere? It would be easier to know for the rare occassions when someone starts insulting and such.

A related story:

I wanna play a tag to "test" a penguin deck. I get paired with a Star Seraph while the host couple is playing plants and Naturias (both plants, probably prepared but we).
We start kicking butt and suddenly the floodfest begins.
One nicknamed FlashGames repeating at amazing speed chunks of the phrase "smoke weed everyday" to the point of lagging the client almost to freeze, and then the connection failed message appeared.

It's a shame because it WAS an interesting duel and nothing OP happened besides well timed traps and effects.

I know I can mute the opp, but does that actually avoid the lag? Could it be that they are using that strategy to make the opp time out because of lag?
the checkmate server has some countermeasures.
try it

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