Before i get into my deck let me introduce myself my name is Hidetora Chishu & i run a blue eyes white dragon deck... big surprise huh?[:tongue:] Anyways i use to duel back in the day with a blue-eyes beatdown deck during the duelist kingdom years to GX with my lil bro but never entered tournaments mainly cause my town didn't have a hobby shop or at least i thought until my cousin told me years anyways i retired after that but i got back into the game last year & i'm still learning how to synchro & xyz summon so i can enter tournaments plus i need you guys to tell me if my deck is good enough to be in one & would be highly appreciative if any of you could recommend me some cards to help me out mainly dragon types please. [:laugh:]


Blue-eyes white dragon x 3
Maiden with eyes of blue x 3
White stone of legends x 3
Kaibaman x 3
Shnining angel x 2
Alexandrite dragon x 2
Luster Dragon x 2
Darkstorm dragon x 1
Heratic dragon of tefnuit x 1
Interpanetarypurplythorny dragon x 1
Vangaurd of the dragon x 1
Decoy dragon x 1

Total - 23 monsters


Burst stream of destruction x 2
Polymerization x 2
Dragon's Mirror x 2
Silent doom x 2
Stamping destruction x 3
Megamorph x 1
Future fusion x 1 (Banned i know so my alternative card to this is dragon shrine [:wink:] )
Mystical space typhoon x 1
Swords of revealing light x 1
Shard of greed x 1
Wingbeat of the giant dragon x 1
Pot of avarice x 1 (I know banned)

Total - 18


Return from the different dimension x 1 (Again banned i know but i don't know any alternatives at the moment [:sad:] )
Sakuretsu armor x 1
Trap stun x 1
Compulsory evacuation device x 1
Fiendish chain x 1
Call of the haunted x 1
Seven tools of the bandit x 1
Magic jammer x 1

Total - 8

Extra Deck

Five headed dragon x 2
Blue-eyes ultimate dragon x 2
Azure-eyes silver dragon x 3

Total - 7

Deck - 48
wow 48 that is alot of cards. try cutting your deck down to at the minimum 40 cards.
Originally Posted by: kingleo 

wow 48 that is alot of cards. try cutting your deck down to at the minimum 40 cards.

Oh believe me i try but everytime i do i always end up back to the same number of cards because i don't know what to take out. [:sad:]