I've been trying out an obelisk deck and it uses Broww to mill. When I send a Broww from the deck to the grave using Foolish Burial it doesn't activate Broww's effect which is "if this card is discarded to the graveyard draw one card". Maybe on that point I just don't understand the wording on the card and it means "discard from hand" but when I discarded two Broww's from my hand using Hand Destruction I drew the two cards from Hand Destruction effect but not from Broww's. I tried this several times and the same problem occurred each time. I'm pretty sure the card (or this specific card combo) is not working as intended. Please take a look at it when time permits. Thank you.
Note the word "discard" on Broww but not on Foolish Burial. Also Discard is only from the hand but some cards will say "send" rather than "discard" so will not work with Dark World cards such as your next card Hand Destruction.

For a Dark World monster to gain it's "discarded" effect it must be discarded by a card effect to the Graveyard.
ahh I see. thx. It makes me wonder if the wording discrepancy is just because earlier on Konami was more free spirited with there official terms.